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Natural face care for active lifestyles
" Trying our best to lead healthy active lives, we didn't feel good about putting chemicals on our face."


Vital Facecare is an independent Canadian company founded by three friends, Andy, Jamie, and Phil, trying to do good things for ourselves, our families and our community. We connect through positive attitudes and active lifestyles.


 Products powered by natural ingredients help maintain vibrant, healthy skin while supporting a healthy lifestyle.



Long story short: We made what we couldn’t find. When we noticed a lack of high-performance, natural face care made especially for athletes and active people like us, we decided to create the products we wanted ourselves.

We like to move—a lot. Any chance we get, we’re outside doing something fun with our friends and families. When we got into our active lifestyles, we become mindful of making healthy choices in every way, including clean eating. We dissected the labels on our foods, cutting toxins and synthetic ingredients out of our diets.

That’s when we realized we were unwittingly putting potentially harmful ingredients into our bodies in another way: through skincare. The conventional products we thought would help protect our facial skin from the strain and stress of our active lifestyles were, in fact, loaded with toxins—toxins that get absorbed through the skin and into the body. Right there. On the label.

Trying our best to lead healthy, active lives, we didn’t feel good about putting chemicals on our face. We couldn’t find alternatives we truly loved, so we took action: We teamed up with expert skincare formulators to create Vital Facecare, a brand that will repair, hydrate and protect facial skin from what you demand of it, naturally.  


Mother nature is incredible and provides us with all the natural remedies necessary to keep us looking and feeling our best.



Our active community didn’t have a trusted brand focused on delivering face care powered by natural ingredients, to help maintain vibrant, healthy skin and support a healthy lifestyle. Nor did it have a brand focused on maintaining a vibrant community through positive attitudes and active lifestyles.

 It does now, and we hope you’ll be a part of it.